cellular tower
Tower Erection

We have extensive experience in all types and aspects of new tower construction, structural modifications, and tower decommissions.

Hightower Communications has built over a hundred towers in and around the Southeast region, from monopoles, self-supports, guy, water tanks, stealth poles, scaffold-types, and design-builds. In addition, we have installed multiple structural modifications on all types of tower to ensure proper load-bearing of appurtenances.

What good is a new tower without transmission mediums? We have the experience to efficiently install all types of antennas, coax, TMAs, diplexers, and cross-band couplers. To ensure proper installation and functionality, we will sweep and/or PIM all equipment.


We have performed a large and varying assortment of microwave installations, alignments and upgrades, both licensed and unlicensed. These include, but not limited to systems manufactured by Aviat, Alcatel/Lucent, Fastback, Harris, and Exalt.

Hightower Communications is experienced in the installation, alignment, troubleshooting and pathing of all types of microwave. We have the equipment and experience to align new dishes to ensure we obtain the absolute minimum RSL’s on your paths.

In addition to high-capacity point-to-point systems, we also have experience with installing IP/Ethernet backhaul, WiMax, and DAS systems.

Tower Lighting

Hightower Communications has trained technicians to install and maintain all E1, E2, High & Low-Intensity, and LED lighting systems.

We specialize in the installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of all types of tower/obstruction lighting.

  • TWR and FlashTech-certified technicians
Coax/Antenna Troubleshooting & Repair

Hightower Communications specializes in troubleshooting and repairing telecomm equipment. We have the training and experience to quickly diagnose and repair tower related issues, from faulty antennas, TMA’s, CBC’s, jumpers, coax connectors and lines, and grounding repairs.

We pride ourselves in our speedy response time to unscheduled maintenance call-outs (usually within 24 – 48 hours). We have the training and experience to ensure all issues are identified and corrected in minimal time.

  • Anritsu-Certified Technicians (Sweep/PIM/Fiber)
  • Perform site modifications  – Antenna azimuth & downtilt adjustments (mechanical and electrical) and equipment adds/swaps
  • All work fully documented with before and after digital photographs and sweeps
  • Service vehicles stocked with replacement connectors, jumper material, GPS antennas, and support hardware. Additional materials stocked at customer request.
Tower Inspections, Audits & Mapping

We perform complete site and tower mapping services.  In addition, we inspect and re-tension guy wires.  We have thorough knowledge of all tower types, to include Monopoles, Self-Support, Guy, Water Tanks, Stealth, Scaffold-types, design builds, and “non-typical.”