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Safety & Training

Safety Program

At Hightower Communications, our focus is on safety in all aspects of the job. We ensure each employee is thoroughly trained and signed-off on a task before they are permitted to perform that task. “Safety Before All Else” is a motto we strictly adhere to, ensuring the highest possible safety measures are followed.

Below is a short list certifications and/or policies in place:

Hightower Operating Procedure – A written procedure outlining complete Fall-Protection guidelines, Rigging, and Personnel Hoisting.

Safety and Health Plan – A written procedure outlining safe work practices.

We hold safety “tailgate” meetings before each job, weekly safety briefings, and quarterly tower rescue training.

Training Program

We have extensive experience in all types and aspects of new tower construction, structural modifications, and tower decommissions.

We ensure all employees are properly trained in all aspects of the job.  Our certifications are as follows:

  • OSHA 10 & 30 Courses
  • Anritsu Sweep Testing
  • RF Awareness
  • Capstan Training
  • Andrew, RFS, PPC, Eupen, and Commscope Connectors
  • Flashtech (tower lighting)
  • PIM Certified
  • Welding